Owner of The Little Green Boutique

The Little Green Boutique is an online fashion  and accessories store owned and run by me, Aideen Green.  Just one year into my dream of owning a boutique I was closed down due to the effects of COVID19. Unfortunately my dream of owning a shop was swept from underneath me , BUT I was not going to give up.

I  had to change and adapt my business to suit the current times. So it was back to basics , back to where is all started in 2017,  BACK HOME!

I now run my business from home where it first started. Like alot of others I found myself in     "limbo land", not knowing whether to keep going or to stop altogether.  I decided I could not let Covid19 stop me. The lack of events at the moment means there is no need for glamourous outfits, so I've changed my stock added more variety and now it's onwards and upwards.

Thank you for shopping with me!


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